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USB & Mini Fan With Water Spray

  • USB & Mini Fan With Water Spray
  • USB & Mini Fan With Water Spray
  • USB & Mini Fan With Water Spray
  • USB & Mini Fan With Water Spray
  • USB & Mini Fan With Water Spray
Model No.︰L&H001
Brand Name︰HONESTY
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 4.5 / pc
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description


Instruction Manual

Mini Rechargeable Water Mist Cooling Fan SW-001 series

Thank you for you r purchasing our product In order to fully understand the functions and fully

enjoy superiority of the product Please read through the operating instruction before use

Product Features 

1 Apply with brushless motorthat makes the wind strong and durable

2 Wind with mist of water tiny pa rticles can effectively cooling down in the hot summer day

3 Independent mist function option can be selected for keeping face and skin moistened

4 Rechargeable and replaceable 18650 Li-ion battery,can be charged by USB charger,computer

  and power bank


Operating instruction

1 Install the Rechargeable battery into battery compartment of fan with correct

  battery-polarity from the product packing

2 Please pour water into the water tank before start atomizing function selection We highly

  recommend add the distilled water(no deposit)into the water tank 

3 Press the Control Key and hold for over 2 seconds the Fan power on and start to work with

  low speed wind force(the low speed wind LED no.1’lighted on) Under the power on status 

  press the Control Key(short press with 0.5 second)for 7 different circulation mode selection

  Medium speed wind force fthe medium speed wind LED…2’Iighted on)

  High speed wind force fthe high speed wind LED…3 lighted on)

  Independent Misty mode(the misty LED lighted on)

  Misty plus low speed wind force(misty LED and low speed wind…1 LED lighted on)

  Misty plus medium speed wind force(misty LED and medium speed wind…2’LED lighted on)

  Misty plus high speed wind force(misty LED and high speed wind“3”LED lighted on)

  Low speed wind force fthe Iow speed wind LED“1”lighted on)

Turn off the Fan power if press the Control Key and hold for over 2 seconds under the power

on status at any time The mist function will automatically stop after 25 minutes spraying

eyed youforgettoturnit off 

4 Charge battery th rough the Micro USB input The cha rge indicator lamp will be on while

  cha rging and will be turned off means the cha rging is completed There is no charge r in the

  packing you can use laptop computer,powbank mobile cha rger to charge



Powerinput DC SV-500 mA-1A

Charging time 4-5 H

Working time 6-8H(Low speed wind) 2-3H(Medium speed wind) 1 5-2H{High speed wind)

    6-7H(Independent Misty) 2-3H(Misty plus low speed wind)

    (This is a referenced data it will difference with the conditions of actuaI

    environment temperature and battery capacity)

Water tank capacity 25 ml

Water using time 40-50 minutes

Net weight 226 grams

Unit dimension 146mm(H)* 123mm(W)* 51mm(thickness)



1 Fan blades will be at high—speed rotation while working Don’t put anything into the fan

  otherwise it may be serious damaged or dangerous 

2 Don’t use battery when the surrounding temperature is over 60 degrees centigrade Don’t

  pinch or disassemble the battery Otherwise it will lead to environmental pollution or


3 If don’t use the fan in long time please fully charge the battery and remove it from the fan 

  store in a cool and dry place and away from children 

4 At the beginning of misty mode or the water tank still have water,but the misty comes out

  not well please shake the Fan a while to make the aqueduct unimpeded

5 There is normal phenomenon appears some few droplets if under the misty or fan+misty

  mode please wipe dry with cloth or paper towel 

6 The product will have a high frequency noise if the water shortage when the misty or fan+

  misty mode Please turn off immediately and add the water to enjoy the atomizing again

7 If don’t use the misty mode in long time please remove the water from the water tank 

    Don’t add the aIcohol such as perfume or essentiaI oil this will cause the water tank


8 If you find the wind force and misty effect not well please recharge the Fan It can be

    charged while using

Packing List

If any items missed in the package please contact the supplier

1 Mainfan *1 pc

2 Rechargeable battery * 1 pc

3. Micro USB cha rging cable * 1 pc

4 Instruction manuaI*1 pc

Product Image


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